Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Russian Napoleonics

While cleaning up some space in my cupboard I found a few packs of 6mm Russian Napoleonic that I've had hanging around for almost 15 years now.

And here's the rules I bought at the same time, I think I've played them maybe 3 times.

About a year ago I set myself some ground rules for all games and miniatures that I had. The first rule was that I had to have a complete game. That meant I had all the rules and at least two full armies. The second rule was they all had to be based, prepped and painted. The only exception to that rule is my DBA army, but that was given to me so it's exempt... for now.

So if I'm to keep these I need to get another army, it shouldn't be too hard to source some French. I'd like to use the rules I have, simply because I already have them but wargame rules can come a long way in 15 years. I would really like to get some rules based on the GW Warmaster system.

I think some research is in order.


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