Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Win for the Little Guys

Made it to BADGA this Saturday and got the Halflings on the table for their second game of the season. I play young Liam H and his human team the Couronne Cats (TR 149). I had a player out this game so my Team Rating was 108 which afforded me a nice 410,000gp of inducements. I took star player Deeproot Strongbrach (250k), the ever faithful Halfling Master Chef (50k) and the all important Wandering Apothecary (100k).

The perfect BB weather attracted 27,000 screaming fans to the stadium and the Cats opted to receive. The Halfings started with the now standard three treeman center line up and braced themselves for the pain.

What actuall happened next suprised everyone, the Cats were completley caught off guard by "Muscles" Manglepie who had worked quite hard in the off season and managed to bulk up considerably, some are actually claiming it to be a side effect of certain steroids found in fast food chickens however this in completley unsubstantiated, although most likely entirely correct.

A strong hit by Manglepie followed up with the "pile on the ball" tactic found the Halflings within scoring distance by the end of turn 3. The treemen quick went to work ensuring that as little of the Cats team were left standing on the field. Next turn Halfling #86 Fritz McMuffin scored his second career touchdown. The kickoff for the next drive broke out into a riot and after getting everyone back into the stands the referee set the clock back one turn. Two turns later the humans answered with their own score, touchdown to Cats #10.

The Halflings moved quickly (well you know what I mean) and within three turns the had retrieved the ball from the Cats, thanks in large to Deeproot for almost putting Cats player #11 into a pine box and to Foggwick Shakebelly who showed that all the time spent on the treadmill can make a difference. It's not often you see a Halfling run, let alone run the ball into the end zone. Running and shaking Foggwick made it look easy.

At the big break the scoreboard showed it was 2-1 the Haflings way and even more suprising was the casualty count of a low 1-0 to the Halflings.

Second half started with the Halflings to receive. The next quarter of the game was your typical I drop the ball and you pick it up, you then drop the ball and I pick it up type of affair. A mere two turns we went from this:

To this, thankfully the catcher failed his go for it roll and even more thankfully the mast chef ensured that by this point of the game the Cats had no team re-rolls left.

On turn 12 Halfling #17 Bagwise Oddfoot found himself with the ball and ran for dear life towards the end zone, touchdown to the Halflings. The last three turns were highlighted by a superb break out to the right and pass the ball long play which was promptly intercepted the Cats player #11. Who then failed to dodge past a treeman and turned over the ball. A quick pick up and hand off found the ball once again in the small hands of #17 Bagwise Oddfoot. Touchdown number four to the halflings on their last turn.

Post Match Comments
I'm pretty happy with how the Halflings handled themselves. I was really impressed with Liam and his handle on the rules, I can see him being a coach to be reckoned with in a few years. Although I think he needs to work on his constant, incessant chanting of "fail, fail, fail, fail" every time I went to roll a die. It was funny at first, then not so much.

Favourite Moment of the Game
This wasn't really a part of my game but the one going on next to me between Steve and Brad. Steve was having a bit of a bad run rolling 1 after 1 after 1. He eventually vented his frustration by throwing the die in question away. The die flew across the room, bounced off the wall and rolled all the way back to his chair. The result: a 1.

The League
I dunno where this puts us but it should get us a few points away from the bottom of the ladder. I have now no less than nine players, including both treemen, who need 4 SPP's or less for their first/next skill.

Player #86 Fritz McMuffin skilled up with a nice double 4 so he now has Block. A Blodger, I have a Blodger, mwahahahahahaha. I just have to keep him alive now.

Next game I get Samin Finefettle back from injury. I still havent decided wether to retire poor Chundwise Windblossom who suffered a broken neck (-1AG) a few games ago. Good for the line of scrimmage when things are going bad I guess, but the little guy only needs 2SPP's for a skill.

This Season (W/L/D): 1-1-0
All Games (W/L/D): 3/3/1

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