Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Tiger and Sherman Photos

I was going to pack up the tanks after my last post but didn't. I'll just put on a couple pieces of tracks on the Firefly to see how they fit. Well I ended up finishing one side and then the other

All in all I'm pretty happy with the size of the 1/48 stuff.

The rubber tracks on the Tiger proved to be waaay more difficult to put together than the hard plastic tracks of the Firefly. I found the tracks of the Tiger to be way too short and the fit was very tight until I stretched them out a little. While I was stretching one of the tracks it ripped and I had to trim and join it, making the track almost 5mm shorter. It still fit, just a little tighter than the other side. And thinking about it now I'm not sure how painting the rubber track is going to go. Will acrylic paint crack and flake off? A little research is needed I think.

Anyway they look fantastic and for the price you can't go past them. Now if I can only find someone who sells the Tamiya "TS" range of spray paint. All the stores here have the PS range which apparently doesn't work well with model kits.

So what's next? Unless I can find something for the Americans that isn't based on a Sherman hull then it's probably this:

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