Saturday, May 23, 2009

BF109Es Part Three: Decals at 12 O'Clock!

I got a little too eager an put some decals on the 109s before giving them an initial coat of varnish. I hope they don't silver, but at this scale I'm not too sure if you would even notice if they did. I've used the 36" 1/600 scale Balkan crosses for these planes and they look incredible.

Six decals per plane is a lot of very fiddly, but suprisingly not dificult, work. I'm seriously thinking about dropping the crosses on the underside of the wings... just for now, I could do them later after I've done everything else (read as: never). I'm really glad I got these decals as they just make the planes look right. Best of all is that the decals draw your attention away from the average paint job and actually add some nice detail to the mini. I will be buying some more of these for my US and Japanese minis.
I simply cannot wait to get these on the table at the next club meet.

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