Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Star Wars Miniatures

I picked up some more Star Wars minis today and I'm pretty happy with it too. A kind of "Troopers-All-Sorts" you might say, well ok maybe you wouldn't say that. I didn't get any cards with the minis but Card Vault has all the stats anyway so it's not a big deal. Although it does mean I don't have to worry about sorting and then storing them.

If you look very carefully at the photo below you might be able to make out where I stopped meticulously sorting the minis and took a less organised approach.

I think I've got enough now to get some nice sized games going. A few more Battle Droids wouldn't hurt, and eventually an AT-AT or two, but for now I've got pleanty to keep me going.

Here's a breakdown of all the minis, I've left out a few of the singles unless they're of note (ie they look cool).

Rise of the Empire
10 Super Battle Droids
22 Battle Droids
1 Hailfire Droid

2 ARC Troopers
3 Utapau Troopers
1 Raxus Prime Trooper
5 Saleucami Troopers
17 Clone Troopers
3 Elite Clone Troopers
1 Kashyyyk Trooper

Rebellion Era
4 Imperial Officers
2 Imperial Pilots
4 Death Star Troopers
21 Stormtroopers
5 Sandtroopers
5 Scout Troopers
13 Snowtroopers
4 Dark Troopers (Phases I-III)

7 Rebel Pilots
8 Rebel Commandos
20 Rebel Troopers
25 Hoth Troopers
1 Snow Speeder

New Republic
6 New Republic Troopers

Look... Droids Sir!
3 R5 Astromech Droids
2 Gonk Power Droids

Gonk droids, you just gotta love 'em.

A shot of the Dark Troopers, these guys are big!

Speaking of big, one thing I like about these minis, the Dreamblade minis too, is that they may not always be to scale but they still are big.

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