Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A quick update to show the first test of the Star Wars Minis base detailing. I've glued sand/gravel onto something like 150 of them so far but I wanted to do some paint tests before I got too carried away.

Here's some Tusken Raiders and Jawa's I've given a base coat to. Once this dries I'll hit it with a dry brush and they'll be done.

My initial thoughts were to do them all with a dirt/grass combo but it just wouldn't look right for the Tattooine creates, let alone the snow creatures. So I've decided to honour their locations so that the Wampa will get a sleet/snow base, Jawas sand, Ewoks forest floor and so on.
Then again anything I come up with just has to look better than a blank black base.
The only concern I have right now is do I rebase the newer minis? I really don't like the square bases at all. I have a metric ton of 25mm GW round bases here but it's going to be a lot of work rebasing them all.

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