Sunday, August 30, 2009


For the first time since forever I actually bought a real life rulebook. You know the ones made of paper. I've been a pdf convert for so long that it actually felt weird not being able to download the rules right away.

Anyway I'm always looking around for new rules and when it comes to westerns you've really only got a couple to pick from. Six Gun Sound, The Rules With No Name and Gutshot are the ones that keep popping up a lot on the web. It wasn't until I listened to episode 36 of the D6 Generation where they discuss and review Gutshot.

I won't go into any real detail about the rules until I've had a chance to read and play them but I will say that after listening to the D6 Generation guys I was sold on the "Hollywood action RPG" aspect of the rules. I already have Six Gun Sound for those quick and the dead type games but every now and then you want to bust out a set of rules and be like Clint (Eastwood that is).

I'm pretty impressed with the service so far too, I placed the order around 3am Sunday morning (my bad cough won't let me sleep) and then at 8:24AM I get an email from co-author Mike Mitchell stating that my order had been received and when I should expect the book to be shipped. Consider me mightily impressed.

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