Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bag the Hun - More Decals

With the imminent release of Bag the Hun 2 I thought I should get some paint on the last couple bags of my Tumbling Dice aircraft, mainly the US and Japanese aircraft.  I had them all out on the painting table when I realised I didn't have any decals to finish them off.  That just wouldn't do, so I quickly jumped onto Dom's website and had a look for what decals I'd need.

Hmmm just what I thought, the US changed their roundels around a fair bit mid to late war and since I didn't want to paint up the same models for each period I settled on the "600-US-2" set (see below).  They're only used between '42-'43 but I think they'll look better on the small TD aircraft than the other designs would.

For the Japanese aircraft I went with the "600-JA-1" set, nothing to fancy but saves me having to paint a heap of red circles.   The white border should help the decal stand out too.

Lastly I thought I'd grab a set of Germain tail markings, set "300-GE-10a" to help finish off the bigger bombers.  These are actually 1/300 scale decals but should fit the bombers just fine, with a little luck the smaller may even go onto the fighters.

I was very tempted to pick up some more aircraft, specifically the late war German jet fighters, but I'll wait until I've had a good read through of the BTH2 rulebook before I make any purchases.  Besides the Bosche have little trouble knocking my Spits out of the sky as it is, do I really need to make it any easier for them?  I guess I could get some Meteors to even things up a little.  I have a birthday coming up soon, I think a celebratory purchase will be in order.

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