Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10mm Trees

My 10mm trees arrived in the mail yesterday and I've finally had a chance to have a look at them.  At first I was a little worried about what I had bought.
My first fear was that like a lot of trees that I've bought from eBay all the branches would be caught up and getting them out of the bag would be a major operation.  Thankfully the trees came out quite easily and I also noticed that there is very little loose flocking in the bag too.  The trees themselves feel quite sturdy and shouldn't mind a little bit of handling.
The plan is to mount these onto MDF like the larger trees I've done, maybe 1" discs with 1-3 trees per disc. 

Here's a few shots with some Warmaster minis and some of my 28mm trees for comparison.  Thinking about it now I should have put a 28mm mini in there for comparison too.
You can see from the above two shots that the trees are simply five or so rings of branches but the look from above, where we should be looking at 10mm trees most of the time, looks quite nice.

I'll see how far I make these go first but after looking at these I'm very tempted to place an order for another pack or two.

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