Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr Wh..wuh, what? How did they get...

Imagine my surprise when I came home and found these in the mailbox...

Yep... the Dr Hugh or "not Dr Who" minis arrived from Heresy.  That's Heresy Miniatures... you know, in England.  I placed my order Thursday afternoon and they arrive in Australia that Tuesday.  I can't get service like that locally.

The figures were packed well, actually better than well.  Each miniature was placed in the now standard ziplock bag but each bag was taped to the inside of the box.  The figures themselves look great and while there is a huge temptation to start painting them I must stay focused on the Pendraken stuff (some photos coming later tonight).  But they will get done soon.

To all at Heresy Miniatures: I tip my hat to you for such great miniatures and exceptional service.

Oh and it appears that more "Dr Hugh" are on the way, hopefully some companions.

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