Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting the Pendraken: Day Five???

Been a few days since the last update and haven't touched the paintbrush that much even though I've been on holidays since Friday.  It's not entirely my fault: real life, health and other matters have kept me away (yes Final Fantasy XIII I'm looking right at you).

I've spent most of my time putting on coat after coat of Olive Drab (XF62 onto my British vehicles.  The colour dries flat and looks wonderful on a mini but it has horrible coverage.  While I'm not painting green over green over green I've been painting the German armour.  This is slower going than I had originally hoped.  I've gone back and touched up the Tigers as I didn't like the contrast of the camo stripes, they're more subtle now and I like it so much more.  I finished the Jagdpather and I liked the mottled camo so much I started to paint the Panzer III's in the same manner.  Three down and five more to go, these ones are boy tanks (don't have skirts) so they should be quicker to paint.

I'm finding it difficult to get a supplier of 2mm plasticard that has it in stock for a reasonable price.  I can get it locally for $50 per square meter if I buy a 2440 x 1220 sheet.  That's probably a little too much for what I need.

I'll still press on though (we can use vehicles un-based if needed) and at this point I'm hopeful of getting everything done by the weekend.

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  1. 2m x 1.5m of plastic card? Too much? You are basing an army, aren't you? And it doesn't go off ;)