Sunday, April 25, 2010

10mm Buildings - Part 2

I had hoped that my latest Pendraken order would have arrived by now, 19 days and counting, so in between my far too infrequent sessions of painting what I do have I've been making more of the MicroTactix cardstock buildings.

Two of the most recent have been some of the more fiddly designs but they look great.  I'm seriously thinking about basing the church on a piece of plasticard and putting some gardens/trees around it.  Maybe even model up a companion piece with headstones and the like.

Here's some shots, I've put in some 10mm minis and a 28mm one for scale reference.

Here's a lower shot to show the height better.

A shot of everything so far.

Enough for a believable built up area, I'll keep making more though.  I'll stop when I either get sick of making them or my shoe box that I'm storing them in fills up, whichever comes first.  I'm so impressed with these that I'll have to print out some fantasy buildings for Warmaster.

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