Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some More Pendraken German Infantry

Due to a complete brain fade I left out the MG-34's when I based all my German infantry.  I only picked up on this the other day when going through the few bags of what's left to paint.  Initially I thought I'll just buy a pack or two of miniatures to redo the three stands that I was supposed to put the MG-34's on.  Due to postage costs and the breakdown of the packs it worked out more effective (not necessarily cheaper) to buy a dozen or so packs and get another 12 stands made up.  This should bring the Germans up to 3 full platoons with HQ and support platoons.

I picked up a pack of jeeps for the British CO/HQ stands and some German dispatch riders and motorcycles with side cars for either recce or CO/HQ.
1 x GR1 - Riflemen
1 x GR2 - MP40
2 x GR3 - MG34 (2) x3
1 x GR4 - MG42 (2) x3
1 x GR5 - Pz Shreck (2) x3
1 x GR6 - Pz Faust
1 x GR42 - Riflemen with STG44
1 x GR65 - BMW & Sidecar (3)
1 x GR66 - Dispatch Rider on BMW Motorcycle (5)
1 x GR165 - Late war tunic firing smg
1 x GR177 - mid war panzer grenadiers
1 x GR198 - Rifleman reversible jacket
1 x BR19 - Jeep (2)
Need I say that I'll eventually have to get the same done for the British but for the moment at least I can field a platoon of commandos and maybe a platoon and a half of the Australians.  I know there weren't too many Aussies in slouch hats NW Europe (as far as I can tell there were next to none), they will eventually get based up and used for some Italian campaigns.

Besides I'm thinking of playing the Calais campaign where the British held out against superior numbers of Germans so it shouldn't be a problem in the short term.


  1. wot?
    No Drummers?
    No Liebfahne?

  2. I would have got some of those but then I'd have to classify my battle force as very early war.