Monday, May 3, 2010

Blitzkrieg Commander 2 Arrives

Well after what felt like forever (no thanks to you Eyjafjallajökull) the postman finally delivered Blitzkrieg Commander II.  I haven't had a chance yet to read the rules thoroughly so I can only give some first impressions here.

The first thing that is very apparent is that the production quality here is fantastic.  The cover is nice shiny cardstock that almost resembles plastic.  The pages of the books themselves have a nice sheen and there are full colour photos on almost every page of the rules.  The book weighs in at 140 pages (compared to 120 in the first edition) with the rules taking up 40 or so pages before the book launches into the army lists.  One of the greatest strengths of these rules has been that the rulebook has all the army lists you could need, no supplements required.  Well the second edition has only improved on this, extra army lists have been added and most have been added to.  The German North West Europe list for example have been increased from a page and a half of stats to two and a quarter.

Here's a shot showing the breakdown of book between rules and army lists.

As well as being added to and expanded the army lists themselves have gone though some changes:
  • The singular Attack Value has now been replaced with three values: anti tank (AT), anti personnel (AP) and close assault (CA).
  • The standard infantry unit has been replaced with the various unit types found in the conflict.  The German north west Europe list has: Heer, Constscripts, Waffen-SS, Hinterjugend, Luftwaffe, Fortress Troops and Volkstrurm.  In addition you now have infantry upgrades such as Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck.
  • Artillery now plays a bigger part of the game with a lot more on table units.
  • Sadly the sample battlegroup lists have gone, to make room in the book I guess.  But to aid in creating your battleforce, each army list has it's own specific battlegroup selection rules, often citing specific units (eg Max nine Pzklfw III panzer units per 1000 points).
I'll post more once I've had a better read through the rules and preferably had a chance to get them into action on the table.

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