Monday, May 10, 2010

I Have A Good Feeling About This...

I've been wanting to do a Star Wars mass combat game for a while now (see here) and last night I had an epiphany while painting some Warmaster minis.  I was thinking about Tim over at Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog and how he plays Hordes of the Things (HoTT) in 28mm when it suddenly struck me that I could use Blitzkrieg Commander to play Star Wars in 28mm.

My current theory is to use the late war army lists as a reference point to start working out the stats.  Jedi/Sith and other major characters will be CO/HQ/Recce units and will have the ability to use force powers in the command phase.  I've started to make some notes and once I've roughed them out a little more I'll post them here.

One thing I'll need though is stands for the miniatures.  I've decided on 100x60mm bases for the infantry and special HQ/CO bases will have 2-3 slots for the characters.  Idea is to cut two pieces of 3mm MDF to size and then drill five 25mm holes into one piece (the top) and glue it to the other (the bottom) creating a base with recesses for the miniatures to be slotted into.  This is a *lot* of fiddy work but it means that I can make 20-25 bases and then use them with whatever figure I have.  Unused figures can simply be stored in ice cream containers rather than needing valuable shelf space.

3mm MDF, toos and the plans.

I did that the width of the cutting blade into consideration when measuring the cuts but I did everything freehand as it was faster and as long as the bases are roughly the same size the affect on the game is minimal.

End of part one, the bases cut.  Now onto the holes.

All ready to go.

The bases cut and base holes done.

A couple shots of the bases all glued and minis slotted into place.  30 or so minutes from first cut to gluing isn't too bad, another hour or two this weekend should give me all I need.

Next step is to add sand and flock to the bases and do likewise the minis.  I'm pretty excited about this as I'm sure it's going to look fantastic on the table.  May even get these on the table this weekend for a few test games.


  1. Those bases look very good. I base my 15mm SF figures on washers and am experimenting with magnetic sheet and FoW bases. The fire teams look a little crowded, though :(

  2. Man, I dont need this!!! LOL I dont get to play much but you just keep adding games to the list that I want to play!

  3. This is going to look really good pretty soon. Can't wait!