Sunday, July 18, 2010

Making the Hero Cards

With the final look and feel of the cards sorted (well for now anyway) I decided to get a couple printed out and laminated.

I started by cutting out the cards, using a cutter makes quick work of this.  Then fold the cards along the centre line.

MakingTheHeroCards01 MakingTheHeroCards02

My first thought was to put six cards per A4 sheet but I ended up sliding in the last two once the sheet had taken and was rolling though.  It’s very important to hold the sheet while it’s moving through the laminator as you don’t want the cards to move.

MakingTheHeroCards03 MakingTheHeroCards04

Once its though you’ll have something like this.


And when you’ve done them all you’ll have this.


Which after you’ve cut up will give you this.


I just use scissors when cutting these out, they don’t need to be stacked or shuffled so their size isn’t so important.  Just make sure to leave 3-4mm around the edges to keep the seal and your fingers will also appreciate it if you round off the corners.

I’m working my way though both the DC and Marvel universes and trying to match up miniatures I have with stats that have already been created for the Super System.  There’s a few annoying omissions such as no Harley Quinn but that’s something I really can’t complain about and it’s something I can remedy by sitting down and nutting it out myself.

Now to sort out the rest of the miniatures.  I started this ages ago and have got six boxes like these full of teeny little heroes.


Just got two more boxes to unpack and sort…


Almost 2,000 of the little buggers before I stopped counting.  What else can I say except I love those 99 cent deals on eBay.

I’m thinking about debasing some of these and putting them on the 30mm rolled shoulder display bases such as these from eM4.


A bit of work but they should look nice.

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  1. I see you posted some Batman cards (which are amazing!). Any chance of getting the rest of the cards you've done? I just bought Super System 3 last night (after playing Chaos in Carpathia with a friend) an am keen to give it a go at the club.