Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Storing All The Star Wars Minis

My week at home with the kids has kicked off to a great start.  Finally managed to get some plants planted in the garden we've been working on for far too long, and I've actually been able to spend some time doing some actual wargaming, woo hoo!!

I've been busy with a few things, first is I've been able to get a spot playtesting a new game from Ganesha Games called Songs of ShadowSea.  It's a stand alone supplement based on their Song of Blades and Heroes system and is being written by Dragonblood Miniatures for use with their range of miniatures produced by Cavalcade Wargames.  Played a few games so far and I'm pretty impressed with the system, especially the way they've tweaked the rules to manage magic and artifacts.  I've been using proxy miniatures for my games (hence no photos or AAR's) but I think I'll have to pick up a couple of their Dark Mariners miniatures, wow they look nice.

On the Star Wars front I've finally managed to get all the miniatures sorted, boxed up and packed away.

No seriously look here they all are all packed away in boxes labelled by faction and troop type.  A lot of mucking around but it's a lot easier to find that damned Jawa box when I need it now.
And speaking of storage, here's a shot of the shelves my wife managed to win in an auction for me.  Most of my stuff all in the one spot and in an orderly fashion too boot.
I'm hoping to get a few more Star Wars Commander bases made up this week and with a little luck I'll see if I can wrangle someone into coming over and giving the current rules a run through.


  1. I am a fan of the skirmish type games. I have only looked at Song of Blades and seen some game reports and it looks like alot of fun.

  2. Those Dark Mariners minis looksgreat - a cross between Cthulhu and Pirates of the Carribean!

    Good job on the mini organisation too - useful storage is always my downfall....