Sunday, August 1, 2010


While searching the net for some Napoleonic terrain ideas I came across this on a Mordheim terrain site.

04_mortheim 06_mortheim

I instantly thought of Dungeonbowl.  I’ve made some corridor and room pieces out of mdf in the past (think Space Hulk) and they looked good but moved around on the table a lot and just lacked that little something.

These however seem to be the perfect idea.  Interconnecting rooms made out of a sturdy little box that shouldn’t shift about of the table, allows for great scope in detailing and with a lid becomes it’s own storage box!  What’s not to love?  I’m making plans to build a couple of these.  A big room like in the photo on the right and for starters four of the smaller square rooms around it.

Once I’ve done the math and worked out the room sizes and door placements I’ll put some plans up here for comment.

After all the cardstock terrain I’ve been putting together lately I’m really looking forward to “building something”.

I’ll just have to paint my Skaven team now.


  1. Nice, very nice. So many applications.

  2. Wow. Now that is impressive. Reminds me of my old Dwarven Forge set. We had loads of fun playing D&D on it. I can definetly see a BloodBowl board using these same concepts. Good luck!

  3. if I do an arena it'll be for gladiators..I've got some steve barber models 25mm gads laying around somewhere