Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Hour Supers!

Graham over at the Pairadice Saloon has been working on a set of supers rules using the Two Hour Wargames reaction system as its base.

This is exciting stuff indeed.  The THW reaction system isn’t for everybody and it does take some getting used to but once '”you get it” then you’ll never look back.

A supers game is perfect for this system for a few reasons:

  1. The reaction system works best with fewer miniatures so a supers game of 4-6 miniatures a side is just right for a fast game with a lot of interaction.
  2. The way the reaction system flows back and forth until a character is knocked down, out of the fight or runs away should replicate the short and intense bouts between heroes.
  3. The reputation system (defined in Chain Reaction as “represents a combination of training, experience, morale, and motivation and is an expression of a characters overall fighting quality”) is a simple but effective scale of a heroes power that also allows for improvement, which brings me to…
  4. All THW systems are perfect for campaign play.  Why play one game when you can play 5 or 6.  And let your heroes gain (or lose) skills and abilities on the way.
  5. Solo game play.  This is great for a gamer that doesn’t get to play as much as he’d like, I can set up on the kitchen table and play with myselfby myself… a game on my own.  Or better still…
  6. Same side play.  I can play a game with my kids, not against them.  This is important on so many levels but it makes it so much easier for my five year old to handle losing a game if Dad lost too.  “We’ll get them next time mate just you see!

I’m very keen to see how Graham goes with this and the timing is perfect with my recent search for some good supers rules, maybe I’ve just found them.

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