Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Man Cave – Humble Beginnings

Setting up the man cave has been progressing slowly but surely.  Things have been hampered by the fact that at some point my shed was paid a visit by these little ahem “nibblers”.


They have gotten into almost everything and there are little black mouse turds every-fucking-where.  So every box has to have every item checked for damage, de-turded and then sorted into piles so it can be unpacked or taken to the tip.  Initially I was in shock at how much damage they’ve managed to do but it quickly turned to rage.  I haven’t seen one yet and I honestly think they’ve moved, even my cat hasn’t paid any attention to the open shed.  But I swear to God that if I see one freaking little whisker then I’m going to seek retribution Incredible Hulk style.

I should be able to get the shed completely emptied tomorrow and then all the shelves, cupboards and other storage can be moved in.  Once I’ve decided on a layout then I can start putting stuff away.

On a happy note though, I’ve come across heaps of stuff I’d either forgotten about or that I simply couldn’t find.  Some of it has been promptly squirreled away where I can find it again later and some of it such as a small Clan War army has been put up on the WargamerAU Buy/Swap/Sell forums for trade.  By 9am this morning I had offer to trade them for a small collection of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game.

I’ve been wanting to get into this game for a while but the prohibitive cost of GW minis has put me off, $20 for a single character is just plain crazy.  This trade will land me a various sets of the Fellowship, 48 elves and some elf heroes/personalities, 24 human warriors, 12 riders of Rohan, 5 Ring Wraiths, 12 Moria Goblins and the Fellowship and Two Towers rulebooks.  I probably won’t do too much with these until after I’ve finished all the Incursion stuff (which all shipped today so I should have them here in about two weeks – woohoo!).

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post some photos of “Man Cave mk 1”.


  1. You might want to put some bait down, anyway, unless you can seal the shed, as you might find that the little blighters move back in when the weather gets either cooler or wetter.

  2. I know your pain my friend, except I have moles getting into my garage...they live under my deck and in the lawn and when it gets wet back there they haul ass into my garage. Oh yeah, they love the poison I leave out for them...not seen a dead one yet!?! o_O

  3. Looking forward to the first glimpses of your Cave!