Sunday, October 31, 2010


With Talisman coming this xmas I thought it might be a good idea to ease the kids into it with some games of HeroQuest.  I lost my boxset years ago and I’ve managed to build an almost complete set from a few eBay purchases.  The only thing I’m missing is one combat dice (3 instead of four) and the hero miniatures.  A quick dip into my Lord of the Rings collection found some suitable hero miniatures in Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas.


The brave heroes all ready to venture forth, Ethan (left) took the wizard and the dwarf while Dylan had the elf and barbarian.  I played the Evil Wizard, muwhahahahahaha…

The wizard was feeling very adventurous and scouted out ahead while the others dealt with the nasty inhabitants of the dungeon… only to run into some serious trouble of his own.


A quick sleep spell to put down one of the chaos warrior and then a hasty tactical retreat… right into an even bigger mess!

HeroQuest03 HeroQuest04

Things were looking bad for the wizard until the dwarf finally managed to come to help.  Amazingly the wizard survived and headed back to the barbarian for a bit of protection.

Only to be killed by a wandering monster when searching for treasure.


I found out after the game we we playing with an incomplete spell deck.  One of the spells was doubled up and the missing spell: Heal Wounds.

Fun was had by all and the kids are keen to play again.  After playing a lot of Carcassonne the setup time for HeroQuest seemed to take forever.  Talisman is going to be even worse… I’ll have to look into some of the card holders and tuck boxes on Board Game Geek to help manage the components better.

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