Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Incursion Begins

Played the first two missions of Incursion on Saturday night.  The mechanics are simple but have a subtle layer of complexity added by the cards and command points mechanic.
Mission one had two APE’s facing off against a horde of zombies that kept growing by six zombies per turn.  I went with the Allies and Brendan took the SWG.  I made a big mistake by standing and firing at the zombies.  Big mistake.  You need to keep moving and keep shooting.  Also as far as the Allies are concerned, corridors=good, intersections=bad.  You do not want zombies to start surrounding you as their hand to hand attacks increase in power when hitting the same target.  By the time I had worked out what to do there were around 20+ zombies on the table and most of them between me and my exit point.
Dark times.
IncursionGame1a IncursionGame1b
The second mission gave us more resource points and I was able to field two grunts, a HMG and Sarge.  The SWG brought along some sturmzombies, two bomberzombies, Hans Von X and a werewolf.
Splitting me men into two teams and taking great advantage of reaction fire allowed the APEs an easy victory for this mission.  That and the fact I was rolling three dice for reaction fire instead of only two meant that I was hitting way more often than I should have.  But it also meant that I was rolling doubles more often too and doubles cancels reaction fire for that player that turn.
Other than that play went smoothly and fun was had by all.  The first game took close to an hour to play but there were a lot of interruptions and we were referring to the rulebook a bit.  The second game was done in maybe 30-40 minutes and I don’t think we touched the rulebook much.
Can’t wait to get this onto the table again.


  1. Great battle report...you really have my interest piqued in this game now. :)

  2. Now you've done it!

    i was going to settle for just buying the game today, but Noooooooooo! now that I've seen your minis I've got to buy the starter packs too.


    (Awesome blog btw mate, cheers!)