Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Talisman Stuff

I can’t help myself… well I can usually but when a good offer comes along I seem to lose all resolve.

When I was ordering the Talisman stuff I was really keen on getting the Dungeon and Reaper expansions since they seem to be very popular with those “in the know” on sites such as Board Game Geek.  Sadly both of those expansions were unavailable at my usual haunts Maelstrom Games and Milsims Games.

I turned to eBay and couldn’t find anything that had a reasonable price AND reasonable postage.  I took a gamble with some “Make an Offer” entries though and while going through the deluge of “Offer Declined” messages tonight I noticed one lonely “Offer Accepted”.  Woo Hoo!  So I managed to pick up a new copy of the Reaper expansion for less than retail including postage from the US.  I’m as shocked as I am happy!


This does mean I’ll need more card sleeves now.

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