Saturday, October 16, 2010

Painting the Incursion Miniatures – Day 2

Well technically it’s day three but I didn’t do much yesterday so it doesn’t count.  I’ve finished painting Hans the Hunter.  But he is the coolest looking.
I’ve also finished the zombies for now.  There’s plenty of little details I haven’t gotten to yet but I’ve already spent so much time on these guys and there’s other miniatures that need finishing before Saturday night.
They look good enough for use on the table but some close ups here show that things like the buttons, pouches, belts and so on all need to be done.
IncursonPaintingDay2_03 IncursonPaintingDay2_04
They will get finished off and given a coat of matt varnish, this weekend hopefully, but right now I need sleep and then tomorrow I’m finishing these guys.
And I still need to re-read the rules and get the current FAQ.  Sigh, maybe I don’t need sleep after all.


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  2. Great stuff, and impressive productivity too! I like Hans in particular. I agree he is a great mini. Unfortunately I broke the prosthetic leg off mine so I am using that as an opportunity to model him in a more dynamic pose (but there isnt anything wrong with the one he is in either).

    Keep up the great work mate!

  3. The zombies are grotesque and well done! LOL
    God I hate zombies...they creep me out, but not as much as clowns! :)

  4. What about Zombie clowns?