Sunday, November 11, 2012

AAR - Disposable Heroes

Another game of Disposable Heroes on Saturday night taught me a lot about playing the German.  First thing is that regardless of how good their stats look on paper you do not want to split up your squads.  The fact that each team has it's own MG-34/MG-43 does not make it strong enough once you start taking casualties.  The Russians on the other hand have ruddy huge squads and casualties just don't seem to make any difference, at least initially. 

Now I know there's probably a lot of your thinking "well duh what did you expect" but remember I've come from a predominantly skirmish background where my "army" would consist of maybe 12-15 models.

Anyway on the report, sorry for the blurry photos but they I used my phone and they looked ok on the screen.

Roughly 850pts of my Mid War German Panzergrenadiers came up against Bill and his Russians.  Simple seek and destroy scenario this time.

Germans advance north.


HMG's facing off at 100 paces, well actually it was really something like 38".

The Russians were here...



Yay finally some Germans, sadly these guys didn't last very long.

Hmmm if that building looks so very enticing.

Sadly it was haunted by a Russian "ghost squad".  That's only half of them too, it took two turns of combined fire from two squads and a HMG MG-42 to reduce them to that amount.  With reinforcements coming over the hedge there was no way I was getting the Russian out of that building.


A german squad takes the small building and garners the attention of a Maximum MG and a couple assault squads.

Three turns later a lone MG-42 gunner holds the best he can by passing every Guts check before the Reds finally passed their Guts check and storm the building, I'll never forget Unknown German Solder #22.

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