Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Terrain: 28mm Wooden Fences - Part 2

I really haven't been able to spend as much time working on the fences as I would have liked over the last couple days but I have made some progress.

I've managed to build six 15cm longs sections and have started working on the posts.  These were a little more fiddly than I initially thought as the balsa wood doesn't offer too much resistance to a sharp hobby knife.  Remember: saftey first kids.

Very fiddly work, but worth it in the end.
Cutting the grooves in the posts allow for a nice realistic fit to the fence.  I could have just glued them to the two horizontals on the frame but it just didn't look finished.

The posts fit rather nicely.
The extra effort is worth it as it "looks right", well to my eyes anyway.

The first finished fence.
Hmm, some trimming required here I think.

A little bit more effort that I had expected for this step but like everything in this hobby "easy" and "cheap" rarely go together.

MDF bases tomorrow night...

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