Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ahhh Nuts!

You know what its like: you have a carefully planned schedule and you're making great progress when... what? you don't? Nah neither do I.

The day that I actually finish something, actually two somethings, the BloodBowl Imps and my display base for my BloodBowl Goblins, the one thing that could derail my entire painting shcedule happens: my order of 28mm WW2 minis from Black Tree Miniatures arrives.

Actually it happended something like this:

My wife and I were discussing the state of the kitchen table since I took over with my paints and other tools when she asks "So how long is all that stuff going to be there for?"
I respond with "oh not long... unless my WW2 stuff turns up which in that case it could be another week or two". I pretend not to notice the raised eyebrow and look of dissatisfaction on here face when a knock at the door saves me. "I'll get it" I say running down the hallway. It's Australia Post with these:

A Black Tree Miniature 28mm British platoon with a pack of Flamethrower infantry.

Old Glory 25mm German SS. Already based and undercoated, I just love eBay.

Old Glory 25mm US 101st Airborne Pathfinders (mohawk guys) with some US Paras and HMG. From the same eBay deal as above.

"I'm in trouble now" I think to myself.

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