Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blood Bowl Orcs

A while ago I scored a great deal on a complete Blood Bowl Orc team, that is one of every positional player you could have on any possible roster.

Anyway I started painting these guys around July 07 but since I already had a painted plastic team AND I switched to Halflings mid season they kind of fell to the wayside. 2008 was the season I played a Wood Elves team (The Wyld Stallions) who finished in 1st place and also continued on with my Halfling team (The Moortown Flinggers) who never actually lost a game. Granted we drew a game and we won one by forfeit... but we did win one match on on their own.

Anyway 2009 is the return of my Orc team The Bad Moon Boombers. They've finished 11th and 3rd in their last two seasons so this year they're trying for 1st.

Having three weeks off over the school holidays has given me the time to get these bad boys painted up.

Here's a shot of the team with the minis in various stages of development:
And a couple shots of the near complete Black Orcs:

One of the complete Blitzers:

One of the Line-Orcs:

I really should be painting these guys now rather than Blogging about them, hopefully more pics soon.


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