Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flames of What?!

All kidding aside, I want to play Flames of War. Really I do but right now I'm completely hooked on this game by Two Hour Wargames (THW).

The reaction system which makes up the core of this game is simply amazing. I can see this being my game of choice for quite some time to come. Best of all is the game has solo play and it works incredibly well. The game itself focuses mainly on the late war period but it wouldn't be that hard to plug in your own army lists and play. On the topic of army lists, Nuts! has gone down a fairly simplistic approach to both unit and weapon stats but I can tell you it works. The game is fast and fairly straight forward to play.

The only thing that bothered me initially is that the rulebook isn't laid out as well as it could have been. This seems to have been addressed in the newer rules that have come out of THW, besides there is a Yahoo group that supports the game that has to be seen to be believed. Questions are answered fast and usually by the game designers too.

I can see myself playing Flames of War... it's an inevitable evolutionary part of being a wargamer right? But right now I'm happy playing skirmish games and Nuts! is about the best there is.


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