Thursday, January 15, 2009

Impact Order

The last of my Christmas purchases finally arrived today, an order from Impact! Miniatures.

First up is some treemen for my Halfling team The Moortown Flinggers. Up until now I've been using two Heroclix Swamp Thing miniatures. The fit between the two halves insn't all that great but it's nothing a bit of greenstuff can't fix. Also in the order is a Goblin referee, my little green guys will take all the help they can get. Remember to click on the images to see a bigger version.

Next up are some tokens to help with game play. I've got a couple big guys that are huge, my Reaper treeman is over 80mm high, and I don't like laying them down on the table. The weather tokens should help those games where I remember we're playing in a blizzard only after I've set up a long pass play... it happend twice in the same game. And pictured last are some 2.5mm base magnets to stop the ruddy ball from falling off the base all the time. I'm also thinking of using them for my Warhammer armies to allow weapon swaps.
The tokens are a little on the small side, well compared to what I expected anyway. But they are pretty distinct and should easily fit into my BB dice/token box. Here's a shot of them next to a lineorc for size comparison.

The text on the tokens are etched into the surface so you can use a crayon to "fill in" the text. Takes me back to the days of the Dungeons and Dragon basic sets, the first two boxes came with etched dice and a crayon.
And a shot of all the tokens completed. The yellow didn't come out at bright as I'd hoped but it will do.

Now I'm off to put the treemen together.


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