Thursday, January 22, 2009

Impact Treemen

Finished painting the Impact Treemen for my Halfling team. It took a lot more work than I first imagined, there is lot of detail in these guys that isn't really apparent until you start painting them. The colours look a little flat here, I'd like to blame the camera/lighting/something but I just don't have the skills to take those spiffy photos you see on all the other sites. It is something I'm working on.

So here they are (left to right) Gildamesh Bloomberry and Gumpwise Talltree. Remember to click on the images to see a bigger version.

One thing that really annoyed me is that the miniatures were hollow. They came with a back piece and a front piece but were hollow down to the hips. Since you look down on the miniatures for the most part of a game it just looked silly. So greenstuff (actually I use Milliput and it's white but you get the idea) to the rescue. I'm pretty happy with the woodgrain sculpting on the inside, I actually forgot to do it and only remembered the morning after putting these guys together. Thankfully the greenstuff hadn't hardened completley so I was able to put some lines in with a scalpel and a pin.

I still need to finish painting the bases off and add some static grass. The Halfling team is pretty much complete now. I just have this guy to paint up as my team coach. He's a Reaper mini (03261: Bergo Ironbelly, Halfling Pirate) and the detail on this miniature is just amazing considering his size.

I'm still looking for an apothecary model so if you know of any good ones leave a comment and I'll have a look, thanks.

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