Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No more room in Hell

I love Zombies, can't get enough of them. I'll watch any Zombie movie no matter how bad it is, yes Zombie Strippers I'm looking at you. So it goes to reason that I would love Zombie games. Well I've been looking for quite a while and there are some excellent Zombie board games out there but Zombie miniature games was pretty slim pickings. Until I found All Things Zombie from Two Hour Wargames (THW). In fact this was the game that introduced me to the THW stable of games.

I won't launch into a review of the game right now but I will say this: it is an excellent skirmish level game with a great campaign system and has very good solo and same-side play.

I'm still looking for Zombie miniatures, there are a lot of great ones out there at a price. And since most of them are made overseas postage is a real killer. WW2 skirmishing has kind of put this project on hold for the moment but a couple months ago I got a link to World Works Games, more specifically a 28mm cardstock shopping mall. After retrieving my jaw from the floor I purchased the pdf and started printing. Click on the images for bigger versions.

A few hours later I had these:

Closer shots (click on the images for bigger versions):

Some shots with miniatures for scale (click on the images for bigger versions):

I've still got a fair bit of work to do on this but I'm aiming for running a game or three mid year.


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