Sunday, January 25, 2009

SkeletonKey Games

I really enjoy wargaming as both a pastime and a hobby but recently I've been trying to find ways to reduce the preparation aspect of my games. I enjoy spending hours creating army lists, weeks painting armies and building terrain but I'm finding it harder to justify the time. Latley I find myself playing skirmish games using my Star Wars miniatures play mats simply because they quick'n'easy and look great with my miniatures.

So I finally gave in and bought these (click for a bigger image)

SkeletonKey Games sell a range of pdf gaming tiles that are of a quality that I've rarely seen on the Internet. They have quite a range of sets for both outdoor and dungeon/caves and many of the sets have tiles that blend from one to another, so it's quite possible to have a seamless map that goes from a forest to a dungeon, on to a cave network and then to flooded ice caves. The tiles vary from 6"x6" up to 6"x9" and they have the 1" grid which is has become the defacto standard for almost all games these days. I would have liked to have the outdoor ones without a grid for my skirmish games, but having one does mean I can use them for Star Wars Miniatures and D&D also, so I'm not too fussed.

The price for these sets is usually around $12 for 25+ tiles but I was lucky enough to get them while they were one sale for 50%.

They print up great on my Brother MFC 440 inkjet and look fantastic once they've been laminated. You can create a nice little dungeon for a quick skirmish game using just 5-6 tiles.

Same goes for the outdoor tiles.

I've got maybe 30 of these sitting in a shoebox just waiting for whenever I get the urge to play a game. I don't think they will ever replace the desire to play on a real table with modelled terrain but right now they serve their purpose which is to give me more time to paint the miniatures and actually play the games. I can see these being a part of my RPG and Skirmish games for many years to come.

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