Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another order to Black Tree Design

Thanks to a combination of an impending Birthday, my wife and my mother in law I was able to place another order for some WW2 miniatures from Black Tree Design. To be honest I was a little torn about placing another order with these guys as I'd read a lot of rumblings about them on the net. My experiences with them in the past have been pretty positive so I decided to go with what I know not what I've heard. I don't doubt that any of these people have had issues with Black Tree and I'm sure their reasons to complain are very real but any problems I've had with orders were quickly resolved by John Olsen who was very helpful and very prompt. Thanks again John.

Anyway back to the topic in question, the order. All up it comes very close to $200 but the great thing is that (for the moment at least) any order over 50 pounds is shipped for free.

So the breakdown of the order is:

British Squad (10)
British Infantry Snipers (4)
British Vickers Team II
British Mortar Team
British Infantry with Piats (4)
British Infantry with SMGs (4)
British Infantry with Stens (4)
British Infantry Officers (4)

German Platoon (30)
German Squad (10)
Wehrmacht Mortar Team I (3 + Mortar)
Waffen SS MG42 (1 Team)
Wehrmacht with SMGs V (4)
Wehrmacht Panzerschreck Teams I (4)
Wehrmacht Flamethrowers (2)

U.S. Para Platoon (30)
U.S. Paras with SMGs I (4)
U.S. Para with Rifles II (4)

I had to order a Waffen SS MG42 as Black Tree only had MG34s for the Wehrmacht range. All in all I'm pretty happy with the selection, I don't think I've ever procrastinated so much over a single order. I think I've got it worked to that there are very few left over or unused miniatures from any of the packs. Why on earth Black Tree insist on selling 10 man squads when there should be 12 (for the US) and only 1 SMG when there should be 2 (the Germans). I guess it's a price point thing but or maybe it's an eary war vs late war thing, I don't know.

All I can do now is wait...

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