Sunday, February 22, 2009

Firefly and Tiger I Update

I'm pretty much finished building the Tiger and Firefly kits. I haven't put the tracks on the tiger yet as I can't find a screw driver that's small enough for the screws in the kit. I've decided to glue them on anyway, mainly because I don't want the tank to move during game play. Also I think that if the tracks do move then people might be tempted to play with it and that's when stuff can get broken. Anyhow all that's left to do now is paint them.

Here's some shots of the almost completed kits. Remember to click on a photo for a bigger version.

The detail on the AFV kit leaves the Tamiya one looking quite bland. All the surfaces have pit marks and even the weld beads look fantastic. They even include some photo etched grilles which should look fantastic when painted.

Some shots to show the size difference between the Tiger I and the Firefly.

More photos once I start painting.

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