Sunday, February 8, 2009

There's a hole in my bucket... err bases.

I thought was being really clever when I solved my problem of mixing 25mm and 28mm miniatures. By mount the 25mm minis on GW round bases and the 28mm ones on washers the height difference would be negligible. Oh so simple... or so I thought. What I ended up with was this (click on the images for bigger versions):

Easily fixed though with this:

Simply place a piece of sticky tape on the bottom of the base and plug the hole with spackling.

You can see the tape better in this shot.

Less than 5 minutes later I'd done my entire platoon and flamethrowers.

A quick splash of PVA and a dip in a sand/pebble mix and you have this:

All it needs now is an inkwash, drybrush and some flock... oh yeah and don't forget to paint the mini too.

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