Saturday, February 7, 2009

World at War

WW2 has become a big of thing for me lately. I've always been interested in it the topic but recently I just can't get enough of it, movies, books and now wargaming. I've kept right away from Flames of War as the cost is just too much for a game that I'll play every now and then.

I've got Nuts! for skirmish level games and I have Fields of Honor and Blitzkrieg Commander for higher level stuff. so why do I need another set of rules? Well the answer is simply support. World at War (WaW) has been released with an Open Content License in a similar vein to the Open Gaming License Wizards of the Coast has with Dungeons and Dragons products. The amount of free and cheap content out for this game is impressive.

I won't try to compare Nuts! to WaW as they are so different on so many levels that I can't see one ever replacing the other. I have Nuts! for scenario based "play it like it was" games and now I have WaW for the "1000pts each" competitive games. And should I fall on my head and want to start playing modern era skirmishes then it's good to know that the core rules are similar across all of the games in the Battlefield Evolution series.

I'll get a battle report and rules review up once I get my British painted.


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