Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back To The Drawing Board

Well after all my procrastination and eventual hard work pinning my 1/600 Tumbling Dice planes it turns out there was a slight flaw. A plane on it's own sat still and didn't shift when you picked it up and moved it around. Put it on a table with a dozen other planes (and magnets) and some planes would always turn to face the largest group of magnets. This amused my youngest no end but it wasn't something I wanted to have happen in a game. So I went back to my original plan of magnets on the stands and on the planes themselves.

To do so required two things:
  1. I had to remove the pins that I had put into most of my planes as they stopped the magnets from sitting flush with the plane.
  2. The bombers required that I carve out a flat area for the magnets to sit on. Not so easy to do on a small mini, especially while keeping my fingers safe.
It took a lot of time, effort and fricking around. But what I ended up with was this.

I'm really happy with the results. I'm even thinking of making a small goose neck to go between the magnets for the Stuka's to show when they're dive bombing. I also need to strip the paint on the Spitfires as it's too thick from too many test coats. I'll spray them next time to keep the base coat nice and thin.

Oh and yeah I know I should have had most of the planes painted by now but I've been sidetracked again, with these little fellas.

I just love Epic but sadly had to let mine all go. A friend and I are planning an epic game of... Epic... and this is the start of the Squat forces. I'll blog the progress of the army and put up an AAR of the eventual battle.

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