Monday, May 18, 2009

Messerscmitt BF109Es

After spending so much time sorting out the flight stands and painting, repainting and then stripping the Spitfires I figured I needed to get some planes painted and ready for when the decals arrive. I'm not sure how long regular post takes to get from the UK to here in Oz but I'm guessing a week would put them here in the next day or two.

So after a few hours work today I present the first half of the BF109E's. Looking at them now I realise that 24 of these is probably too many but I might paint the next 12 up in a winter scheme or possibly even in a middle east scheme.

I have to apologise to all the history buffs out there: I know the colours aren't technically correct and I know the camo patterns aren't wuite right. In my defence though I think at such a small scale you need to simplify things and use brighter more contrasting colours just to help the planes stand out on the table.
I've base coated the Stukas and some D17's so with a bit of luck I'll have them up tomorrow night.

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  1. Hello there Tim. I was perusing the Web for 1/600th scale gaming sites and came upon yours. I too use TD minis for gaming. I just wanted to tell you "Nice Job!!". Robert