Saturday, May 9, 2009

Return to Base

Now that I have all my aircraft for Bag the Hun there's the matter of how to base them. I've bought some of these (the clear ones) from em4miniatures. The base size is 25mm across which I think will be stable enough for the planes but the matter of how to attach the planes has me looking at two options.

Fighters and Small Bombers
I'm thinking of using 1mm wire in the planes and drilling a hole in the shaft of the flight stands. It's cheap and relativley easy to do. Being small models I don't think there's going to be much chance of the plane wanting to spind around when handled. To avoid any confusion it should just be a simple matter of marking one face of the stand to show the true front.

Bombers and other Large Aircraft
For these guys I'm going to use magnets. I have some 3.5mm rare earth magnets which should be strong enough without looking out of place.

I'll get photos up once they arrive. Now I just need to sort out a hex map.

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