Monday, May 4, 2009

So How Many Planes Do You Actually Need?

So How Many Planes Do You Actually Need? Asked my wife when she inspected the newly arrived order from Tumbling Dice.

I had to be careful with my answer, I began to panic when I saw my out: I could technically play a game with just two aircraft but that wouldn't be much fun, and I play wargames to have fun. So the more aircraft I had the more fun I could have. I reject that answer too as it would show my desire to want to buy more aircraft. No I needed an answer that would show my purchase being an achievement of sorts. I had it, "That right there is enough aircraft to play pretty much any Battle of Britain scenario I could come up with, even with 5 or 6 of us playing".

Thankfully she never asked about the Zeroes or the Hellcats. I would definatley need to get some more of those.
These things are tiny and it took some time to work out the Do17E's from the Do17P's. The casting of the minis is good and the detail is just about right for something so small.
Just to give you an idea of scale here is a Supermarine Spitfire up against a 28mm Black Tree mini.

So now I need to sort out a hex mat, flight stands and get painting. At least they should be quick and easy to paint. I'm tempted to get some decals from Doms Decals, it'll set me back another $20-25 but at least I won't have to paint a couple hundred roundels and crosses.

Once I get a couple painted I'll post some photos.

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