Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is Base, Come In... Over... Pssshhk.

I came home tonight to find my order from em4miniatures was waiting for me in the letter box. Everything had arrived and suprisingly nothing was missing, broken or miscast (you should be taking note Black Tree Design). The stands themselves are almost exactly the same size as the hex based flight stands GW had been putting our for years before they switched to the circular ones.

Well I'd been debating back and forth about how I was going to attach the minis to the stands and I was convinced that drilling a hole in the stand and using wire would be the simplest way. And simple it would have been, but man oh man it was not easy. Using a pinvice and a 1mm drillbit took around 2-3 minutes to drill the hole, drilling too quickly made those sickly sounding I'm-about-to-snap noises. So in the end I decided that even with all the mucking around that using the magnet approach would be easy. Snip of the tip, sand it smooth, dab of superglue and drop the magnet on. 10 minuites later I had all 30 done:

Here's better shot of the magnets glued on top.

For the planes I drilled a 2mm hole in the plane and glued in a tiny piece of galvanised tie wire. It fits flush with the bottom of the plane but still offers enough attraction for the magnet.

As you can see the magnet fits quite well under even the smallest plane. Best of all the magnet pretty much stops stops the spinning on the stand too.

My order also included a pair of average dice (numbered 2,3,3,4,4,5) which I need to play IABSM. All up the order came to 6.50GBP including postage which equates to roughly $12.95 Australian which all in all I think is a pretty good deal considering that postage was 3.50GBP.
So now I've just got to paint up a dozen each of the Messerschmits and Spitfires and I'll see if I can get any of the guys at BADGA interested in a sortie or two.
Vrooooow... dakka dakka dakka.

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  1. I get black and clear bases from Eureka nick will sell you a bunch of them