Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bag the Hun Cards - Finished

With my Bag The Hun cards all printed out, laminated and ready to be cut up I thought I should just double check that I had got the settings correct when I printed them out. I really should have done this before I laminated them but I kind of got carried away in all the excitement. Well the Blizzard Walker is a perfect fit so I sat down and started to cut... and cut... and cut...

Remember to click on the photos for a bigger version.

Until I ended up with this, 80 shiny Bag the Hun cards with rules and spiffy pictures too boot.

The thickness of the laminated paper is just about right to be used like a standard playing card, you can shuffle them with no worries of them bending or warping. The only issue I can see is the paper I used was a little thin so the image shows though slightly on the other side. Nothing a standard card sleeve can't solve

So there you have it a great set of cards for a great game. Now I just need to make a set for I Ain't Been Shot Mum and Through the Mud and the Blood.

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