Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Battlelands 15mm Scenics

I picked up a copy of the Battlelands 15mm Normandy Scenics from Micro Tactics. As the title suggests the buildings are all in 15mm scale but it was a simple matter of printing them out on A3 at 183% of the original size and voila 28mm scenery... almost. The doors are still a little too small so maybe a simple 200% increase was really in order.

The variety of buildings in the set is nice and has everything from farm houses, barns to churches and street cafes. Pretty much everything that a Normandy wargame table would need. I was hoping to get a couple of these built tonight but I got sidetracked with an idea I had (you never saw that coming did you)...

I have a cunning plan M'Lord... yes yes dangerous I know, and after the "Hex Incident" I too didn't expect too much from this. The idea was to laminate the building pieces and then score the edges that needed to bend just like you would a piece of cardstock. And the results weren't that bad at all.

I've only glued the two opposite corners of the building below so the shape is a little out at the moment. Once I glue it to an MDF base the building should square up.

As I mentioned earlier the doors are a little small but I'll experiment with the scale on the next one too see what works best.

I think that all in all the experiment worked... enough to try another one or two. The shininess of the laminate doesn't bother me too much, and it's probably nothing a quick spray of matt varnish couldn't solve. So some further investigation and experimentation should give me some nice looking buildings that are sturdy enough to withstand anything the gaming table can throw at them.

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