Sunday, June 7, 2009

BF109's, BF110's, Do17E's and Gloster Gladiators

I was able to get a bit more of the Tumbling Dice minis prepped and based today while watching the football (Australian Rules football that is). The results of which just proves that you can outscore your opponent and lead the game for three quarters of the match but still lose the game in the fourth... oh Essendon why do you forsake me so...

Planes? oh yeah the planes... I managed to get done:
11 x BF 109's (the rest of the second squadron)
12 x BF110's (a squadron? Were bombers organised in this way? I must look that one up)
6 x Do17E's
4 x Gloster Gladiators (still need to do the second wing and the under carriage on those ones).

There's not a great deal left from the order, at this rate I'll have to place another order soon, *looks over his shoulder to make sure his wife isn't in the room* maybe some British Bombers oh and an FW200 Condor or three... then I can start on the Pacific theatre and then back to the Western Front... *looks over his should again*

All That's Left
6 x Do17Z's
6 x Do17P's 4 x Ju87's
4 x Ju88's
12 x Wildcats
12 x A6M Zero's

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