Thursday, June 4, 2009

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time

Well anyone who has been following this blog will know that I need to put hexes on my Bag the Hun game mat. There seems to be so many ways to do it that I felt a little lost as where and how to begin (nothing new for me really).

I need a way that is easy enough to do but accurate enough so that I don't get the bottom half of the mat getting out of sync with the top.

I figured using a template of sorts would be way better than measuring each hex individually.

Step 1: I printed out my template using Publisher to make sure each of the hexes was the right size and so on. I then laminated the paper so that the template wouldn't get soggy and tear. Also not the guide lines to help line the holes up with the existing marks.

Step 2: Then I took it into the shed and drilled holes into each of the corners.

Which gave me this.

Step 3: place it on the map and use a permanent marker to draw the corner dots.

The resulting dots weren't clear enough to show the hex pattern so I've decided (begrudginly) to draw the hex borders in. You have to be so careful not to smudge the lines but the result looks good.

It's going to take a while to get them all done. Definatley going to be a job that requires headphones and some good music. A long album too, maybe The Clash's Sandinista! or better yet Helloween's Keeper of The Seven Keys Parts I through III. Better be on the safe side and queue them all up.


  1. When I was doing my C&C table ( I used the same technique. Luckily I had the Eurocup during that time, which made it much easier. And some Helloween never, ever hurts.

  2. Better late than never.

    Have been doing it this way for near on 20 years.

    Pink Floyd and Bushmills Single Malt; have been some spoiled efforts but nothing irreparable!