Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting German Wehrmacht

I've been working on my Black Tree Design German Wehrmacht for a few days and now that the prepping, basing and undercoating is out of the way its time to lay down some colours.

I've decided to go with Field Grey (XF-65) for both the pants and tunic to keep the process nice and quick. The helmets are German Grey (XF-63)

Step 1: Base coat the entire figure in Flat Black (XF-1). I've thinned this with a 5:1 mix of paint and thinners and then painted it on with a nice flat size 4 brush.

Step 2: Paint the base coats on the mini making sure get an even coat, again I thin it down to about 5:1. Paint the flesh areas with XF-15, if there's any areas that needs a bright colour is best to just base coat it white for now.

Step 3: I cover the entire mini in Smoke (X-19) mix, usually this is about 4:1 mixed with thinners in the pot and I add any extra on the palette on a mini by mini basis. I paint this on from the helmet down to the feet, making sure not to let too much settle on the flesh areas if possible. It's very important to let the mini dry completley before going to the next step, I usually leave the minis alone until the next evening.

Step 4: This is almost the same as step 2. Once again you take your base colours and do what I call a wet drybrush. This is the same as drybrushing except you leave a little more paint on the brush than you would for a dry brush. Sorry I can't explain it better, it's really a trial and error thing. Keep brushing the base colour back on until most of the shine from the Smoke is gone. You should end up with a nice blended look. Any shiny bits left will be cleaned up once we spray the mini with a matt varnish.

Step 5: I'm not too sure what to do here so I'm going to throw it back to you guys. I like the green look to the minis at the minute so do I just do a highlight one some of the raised surfaces with a lighter shade of Field Grey or do I go for the grey-green look and use a subtle shade of light grey.

I know I could experiment and eventually find something that I like but I just thought I might draw on the collective experience of anyone out there that has "been there-done that".

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