Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sometimes We All Go A Little Nuts!

Nuts! is probably the best skirmish level WW2 game I've come across in recent times that actively breaks away from the tired and true (that's not a typo folks) IGO-UGO system and does it well. I had the privilege of indoctrinating a fellow gaming into the Nuts! fellowship and I think Mick liked what he saw.

I did have plans of taking photos and having a nice detailed AAR but I've head a heck of a head cold for the last few days and it tool everything I could muster just to sit at the table and remember the rules.

Two squads of British infantry squared off against two squads of Huns and in the end the British didn't fare very well. I did to a lot of silly things just to show the mechanics of the game... honestly now would I do something as silly as walking... hmm maybe, but I would never jump out of cover into the line of fire of a... ok ok Mick had me out gunned and out tac-tic-ified...

Bottom line is that he enjoyed the game immensely and we're looking forward to playing again soon. With more cover this time, and I'll have snipers... and mortars, not to mention a MMG or two.

We're actually thinking of "borrowing" a few ideas from some other games in an attempt to make a game "with all the cool things we like". The use of blinds from the Too Fat Lardies range of games is just a simple and elegant way to add to the fog of war. And also the use of a target dice, I can't recall the name of the game Mick said it was from, but basically it's rolled with your dice for determining your target: and odd result you get to pick the target as normal and an even result means the other player chooses the target. An interesting mechanic that adds to the chaos of the battlefield.

So for that game I'll make sure I get photos and an AAR up on the blog.

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