Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spitfires, Defiants and Junkers

With everything else that has been going on I almost forgot these guys. I went on an all night painting bender late last week end got a few more of my Tumbling Dice planes finished.

A Spitfire Mk1 squadron, they came out a little too dark for my liking but I'm trying really hard not to be too picky about things like that.

Remember to click on the images for a bigger version.

Boulton Paul Defiants, painted in a similar manner to the Spitfires.

Some Junker JU87's, just found another pack of these, I have no idea why I built and painted one and not the other.

That's it for painting updates so far. Next off the rank will be the Hurricanes and possibly the Focke Wulf 190's. I really should also start some of the British bombers, we'll see.

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