Saturday, June 6, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough...

I must have worked on the hexes for maybe 2 hours before I realised that the hexes weren't lining up properly on the left side of the map. I didn't panic I just realised that being half an inch out after seven rows of hexes was going to be a problem. So I got out the kitchen clean and scrubbed all my hard work off the laminate.

I decided on a different approach this time and marked out each horizontal row and used a stright edge to mark the points on the pre marked lines. I worked through the night and eventually called it quits around 4am.

I woke up all enthused to finish off the mat when it dawned on me that I was only close to finishing the first half. My heart sank even more when I noticed that some of the hexes looked visibly squished and even more so at the fact that the hex grid was too dominant and made the photo difficult to see clearly.

At this point I did the only thing that any reasonable person would do... I gave up. Well sort of, I decided to get the hexes off the mat and get another one made up with hexes already on it.

The really nice thing about this mat is that the grid lines are transparent and don't dominate the photography. If you look at the photo below you can see the grid quite clearly in the foreground but they seem to dissapear into the background quite quickly.
Here's a few closeup shots of the grid.
It's really nice that the grid lines don't obscure the detail below. Just have to get it laminated and I'll be all ready to go.

I'll still use the other mat for games like Action Stations and Scramble!, but for Bag the Hun it's hexes all the way.


  1. Superb looking grid. I'm going green here...

  2. Where did the grid map come from??
    I'm assuming it was pre-printed?
    Looks great!